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A blog (a blend of the words web and log) is a type of website that allows an author / writer to communicate their message to users who would find it important. Blogs allow followers to comment and exchange ideas, opinions or comments amongst each other regarding the topics on the blog.

Today, blogs have morphed into being full-fledged websites as well as a blog. The most popular Blog application is WordPress. WordPress uses a template-based application processor built around PHP code and driven by a MySQL Database.

Choosing one of 1000’s of pre-configured themes, our skilled WordPress designers can enhance the theme by manipulating the CSS, adding enhanced PHP or HTML code for more functionality, or, choose plug-ins and widget from a vast library of enhancements.

WordPress Themes

The WordPress core is a set of pre-developed functions and styling for general purpose Blog style article submissions. To enhance WordPress as a Website, users can browse thru 1000's of industry specific themes that are available online.

These themes offer additional functionality either built-in or with plugins to provide a customized look and feel that a degree of design expertise. The average company wants WordPress installed and the theme re-skinned to suit the customers expectations.

Plugins & Widgets

Regardless of the theme you choose to build on there are 100's of quality scripts called plugins or widgets. Some of these include: enhanced usability features, Front design capability, system login and backup functions as well as SEO enhancement tools.

Developers can browse thru industry specific plugins that perform functions to enhance the design requirements of the customized website including fully functional applications such as: Event Schedulers, Interactive Calendars; Appoint Scheduling and more.

Content Management

Even though WordPress is the #1 CMS (content management system) in the world it still has to render pages into HTML in order to be browser friendly. Best to find a theme with an already established base of users as it ensure good support and the latest HTML enhancements.

WordPress CMS offers the user a well -developed admin dashboard that is further enhanced by the more popular themes when installed. CMS merely means that thru using the dashboard tools and features you can maintain your own site. Caution: A degree of HTML knowledge is required.

Multimedia Enhancements

WordPress Themes, plugins and widgets that support HTML5 can take advantage of new methods of handling audio and video. Low-overhead tags such as <VIDEO> and <AUDIO> for embedding by using a minimum amount of code with cross-browser support.

Some themes provide built-in styling of images, charts and text with animations and other rich content, without any 3rd party scripts, because the features are built into HTML5 compatible browsers.

Interactive Content

WordPress CMS together with HTML5 capable themes provide new code enhancements for delivering interactive content that allows the user to find additional data as they hover or click on page elements

The use of animated text and hover effects is easier than ever and helps in grabbing the attention of the page viewer in Calls To Action requests.

100% Device Responsive

With HTML5 and Bootstrap your new website is guaranteed to be 100% device friendly. The days of using your fingers to size page content to make it readable are over.

Now with these new state-of-the-art coding features, HTML5 compliant browsers can take full advantage all the new HTML5 features and CSS3 styling to render a very dynamic and mobile friendly design.

View WordPress In Action

What's Included
  • WordPress Core Install
  • SQL Database Config.
  • Professional Theme
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 5+ Royalty Free Images
  • Forms w/ SPAM Block
  • Addtl. Pages @ $145 Each

The DIY and FYI of WordPress

These features are included in every website we create

WordPress combined with an established professional theme allows us to develop the look and feel you want and supported by us and the theme developer. All themes we use support the latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding and features.

This provides for 100% browser and device friendliness. With a mix of standard code syntax, cascading style sheets, animations, plugins, widgets and Google fonts, your designer can take advantage of every 21st century technology available for your new design.

Consider These Additional
Website Options

These are items are not mandatory they're just the most commonly asked for Add-ons.
Home Slider
  • 3 to 5 Banner Images
  • Animated Text & Links
  • Fixed or Random Slides
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom to Theme
  • Incl. 1st 9 images
  • $85 Per 9 Addtl.
  • 3 Columns 3 Per Row
  • Thumbnail & Large
  • Can Include Text Overlay
  • Unique Page Titles
  • Unique ALT names, H1-6 Tags
  • Google & Bing Web Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • FREE SSL Included

All Designs are created using Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. You will receive your finalized product in several formats including layered PS Files & HI-Resolution PDF. If you require any additional formats please ask.

*$85 per 9 images

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Digital Vision's has over 23 years of web design experience, hosting and search engine optimization. If you are not sure what design works best for you, read our "9 Steps to a better Website" to learn what you need to know and what due diligence you need to perform.

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