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Affordable Web Designers San Antonio

To compete in the 21st Century you'll need 21st century technology. We're more than just San Antonio web designers, we are an up-to-date internet marketing and consulting company. DVMARK specializes in modern, professional and affordable web design, hosting, SEO and social media.

Digital Vision is located in New Braunfels Texas and has been designing websites since 2000, and with over 23+ Years of Web Design Experience and 1172+ Websites, we're sure we can deliver. Your number one goal is to grow your business and a new DVMARK web design can make the difference.

Depending on what you sell, a website can be the most effective and affordable marketing tool you can utilize. Thousands of Potential customers are online right now doing business with your competition.

And they're not just looking for a better price they're looking for a professional. ZZ-Top said it best, "Nothing Drives Them Crazy Like a Well-Dressed Man". At first glance, your new website will grab their attention long enough to get you bookmarked. And that's a foot in the door!

If you are going to spend the money to boost your online business, choose wisely. Not all designers care about your success. There is a vast difference between a pretty picture and an effective website. Marketing professionals care about your success.

Unlimited Possibilities

Boundless HTML5

We design websites using HTML5. HTML Ver.5 is the latest approved version for use in web design by W3C organization. Websites built on HTML5 gives your designer the most flexibility than any other non-database driven development platform.

Coupled with CSS version 3, (also from W3C) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language that contains TAGS that are called from page content that manipulate the content to behave in a responsive manor based on the device viewing the page.

HTML5, together with CSS, ensures that your new website is properly rendered using any browser and can format the content to fit on whatever device it's being viewed on.


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Designer Tailored & User Managed

Easy to Use WordPress

A blog (a blend of the words web and log) is a type of website that allows an author / writer to communicate their message to users who would find it important.

Blogs allow followers to comment and exchange ideas, opinions or comments amongst each other regarding the topics on the blog.

Today, WordPress has morphed into being a full-fledged web building platform as well. The most popular, Database Driven, CMS Platform, WordPress uses a template-based application processor built around PHP code and driven by a MySQL or SQL Database.


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Let's Go Shopping

Economical E-Commerce

If you have more than 10 items you want to sell online then you need to consider an ecommerce solution from Digital Vision. We have ecommerce solutions that fit any size shopping cart and we support both PHP and .NET applications using either MySQL, MS SQL Server or MS Access as the database engine.

All ecommerce websites use the latest technologies available and now are 100% HTML 4, 5 and CSS 2 & 3 compliant. All ecommerce solutions can be tailored to your corporate identity or your company website for brand continuity.


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Plus, All Websites Are 100% Responsive


Device Friendly

Today, people are using multiple devices to browse the internet for products and services. All designs are 100% mobile friendly.


Touch Friendly

Smart Phone and Smart Device users like the swipe and touch functions. Our designs allow them to browse at the touch of a hand.


Browser Friendly

No matter what your device is you probably use more than one browser to find the items you're looking for. Our Designs are 100% browser friendly.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO, Search Engine optimization, starts with finding the right key words or phrases that you feel someone would type into a browser looking for the products and services that you offer . . .
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Website and Email Hosting
We offer low-cost web and email hosting and domain name registration services on a Linux Platform. Hosting renews yearly and you enjoy FREE technical support services for email and website functionality . . .
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Social Media Marketing
Take advantage of social media and internet marketing to boost your search engine ranking position. From adwords and back linking to methods that keep existing clients coming back for more. Call to discuss . . .
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is this your first website

First Website?
Not Sure What to Do Next?

DVMARK has developed a Step-by-Step detailed guideline of what needs to be done to ensure the potential success or your new online venture. You will get valuable information on What, Where, When and How to get started online.

  •   Researching and buying the right two domain names
  •   Research competitors that are in your geographic location
  •   Develop content that matches the competition
  •   Even if your requirements are beyond our expertise we can point you in the right direction
  •   Finance Your Website Over 6 months Zero Interest



First Website

Print Marketing

Logos - Brochures - Catalogs - Magazines

We offer a wide range of professional print designs and services including company and product logo design, flyers, brochures, banners and posters, corporate identity and branding solutions custom tailored for any industry.

Our graphics designers have over 30 years of combined experience in designs built on Adobe products.


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Interactive Multimedia

Video - Interactive Web Pages - Flash Drive Application

Digital Vision offers Multimedia design services including PowerPoint presentations, Flash application and animation design as well as audio and video editing and production. No medium offers a better method of targeting new customers and getting you message read or heard than multimedia.

One big advantage to multimedia is in AUTOPLAY, were the viewer is given the information you want them to see without you have to explain it to them. Embed the application or video on your website and you can reach thousands of customers with a very economical delivery method.


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Consulting Service
Get The Advice You Need
1st Hr. FREE Consulting. Whether you use our services or not, we are always glad to provide you with answers that will help you make an informed decision and ensure the success of your project.
We have developed an extensive outline of steps you need to follow from, competitor research, hiring the right developer, marketing your site and social media.
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Technical Support
Web - Email - Computers
Get Problems Resolved Fast. From Email Support on multiples devices to Windows Desktop Support, We offer expert Microsoft product support for Windows OS and Microsoft Office. Many issues corrected at NO CHARGE.
We can connect to your PC and help with virus detection and removal , fix faulty applications and analyze hardware issues causing software problems.
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