Animate & Flash

Text and Graphics

Adobe Flash was the premier interactive design tool for the past 10+ years. Because of security flaws and lack of support from Apple, Adobe has ended Flash effective December 2020. Adobe has recently announced a new interactive design tool, Adobe Animate, which will replace Flash for motion graphics used in APPS, such as tutorial's and product tours for web and computer demonstration. Animated Graphics is well suited for teaching applications. The message is targeted using DVD, CDR, USB Memory, Email and websites.

Animations real advantage is its small file size making it easy to display properly under varying internet bandwidths. Digital Vision offers several animated design enhancements that can maximize your message with eye-catching animated text and images at affordable prices.

Research shows that you have about 15 seconds to grab the attention of a web visitor before they are gone for good. Animated banners are like digital billboards and are designed to grab the attention of new visitors to your site and turn them into customers.

Get Innovative with Motion Graphics

Animated graphics help maximum web page awareness thru motion. Using graphics mixed with targeted verbiage and colors your message can be targeted and delivered with minimal used in sales training, photo galleries or product tours.

Call to Actions

Motion Graphics in web banners help deliver an eye-catching message that grabs the viewers attention. Well suited for Calls to Action.

Text & Image Animations

Message in motion. Using a mix of multimedia techniques; text, graphics, color and sound and color are guaranteed to grab the viewers attention.

Product Tours

Starting a new company, or a announcing a new product or educating users or employees in brand awareness campaigns. Consider an animated tour.

Tutorials & Explainers

Have a product you want to educate potential users on its use, or, to announce a product news features and benefits to the user, tours are the answer.

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