Technical Support for All
PC Brands & Windows

We offer technical support for all brands of Windows based Personal Computers as well as Microsoft Window and Microsoft Office. Using remote connection software between your computer and one of our technicians we can provide hands on remote diagnostics by controlling your keyboard and mouse. Just sit back and watch a skilled technician diagnose your issues and provide a solutions for repair or with your permission complete the repair.

PC Support

  •    Diagnose Slow PC
  •    Diagnose Malware and Hacking
  •    Diagnose PC Deficiencies
  •    Update and Upgrade Issues
  •    Blue Screens
  •    Driver Upgrades

Windows Support

  •    Updates and Upgrades
  •    Blue Screens
  •    Diagnose Malware and Hacking
  •    Email Support
  •    Windows 10 Training
  •    Systems Restore Points

Website Support

  •    HTML or WordPress Code Issues
  •    HTML Script Upgrades or Reinstall
  •    WordPress Backup Routines
  •    WordPress Plugin Repair & Diagnosis
  •    WordPress Training
  •    Internet Browsing & Training
  •    Web Design Coding & Training

Office Support

  •    Support All Office Products
  •    Office Upgrades
  •    Installation and Rollbacks
  •    MS Outlook Support
  •    Email Archiving
  •    Imap and Pop Support
  •    Device Email Configuration

Email Support

  •    Webmail Horde, RoundCube, Squirrel
  •    MS Outlook, ThunderBird, Gmail
  •    Client Side Email Diagnosis
  •    Server Side Diagnosis
  •    Norton Antivirus Support
  •    Windows Defender Support
  •    Email Training
  •    Email transfers Between Hosting

The Hourly rate for all services is $45. However, in some circumstances repairs that take only a few minutes are FREE of charge. If you are interested in purchasing computer hardware, RAM memory modules, or new HP built computer with factory warranties please call us at 210-888-9296.

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  I hired Robert at DV Marketing to help me build my website. He was so helpful and walked me through the process so patiently. He is very knowledgable about web site development and technology in general and a great teacher. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

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