Add These Benefits To Your Digital Vision Web Design

DVMARK offers several enhancements that will aid you in maintaining your competitive edge and help drive clients to your website. Some of these enhancements are included and some are offered at an affordable price.

Get FREE Web Edits to Existing Pages

Host Your Website with Digital Vision and Get FREE Edits
free web edits

If we designed your site and you host your website with Digital Vision you get FREE pages edits to any existing page. That's right, FREE!. Each month you get 1 hour of FREE editing time to any existing page.

Add, change or delete any on-page content to any existing page and the first hour is FREE. The average web client gets the majority of their web pages edited for FREE every month.

* The only time you pay, is when you add a new page, add an additional group of 9 images to a gallery or add 9 items to an FAQ page, or, the changes you want to make take more than the first hour to complete. You would be amazed at how much we can edit in one hour.

Costs: Included with Hosting *

Website and Email Backups

Your Website and Email is SAFE with DVMARK
data backup

Digital Vision takes our clients data protection very seriously. We offer extensive backup processes for hosted accounts whether your site is HTML5 or any database driven website such as WordPress or ecommerce sites. For all DB based hosted accounts, our hosting provider maintains a 24-36 hour restore from the time the client reports an issue. In addition, for WordPress sites we also maintain a weekly file and DB backup for 3 consecutive weeks giving you up to 21 days to go back in time to recover from a problem. Lastly, we maintain an FTP backup of the all client websites on our local server, and each account is backed up again on a remote portable hard drive.

Take peace of mind knowing that you can restore to a point in time where the application or website functioned as expected. We can also perform a file-by-file restoration from the previous day or previous week at anytime.

This allows you to pick-up at a point in time where operations were as expected. In the event of data loss to an application or shopping cart you can restore to a point in time that existing where everything functioned as expected, however, you will have reenter the transactions that occurred as a result of the failure.

Costs: Hosted HTML is Backup FREE | WordPress $100 Yearly

Comodo & Sectigo SSL

Secure your website and client data with FREE or PAID SSL

Why should You Care About SSL or HTTPS? As of mid 2018 all websites need to adhere to the Google directive that all website need to be SSL / HTTPS, to maintain better protection of your clients data as they access your webpages on the internet.  By failing to comply with this new standard in site protection Google Chrome will begin to display non-ssl or HTTP sites as NOT SECURE. Digital Vision is a reseller for an national web hosting company that offers a basic SSL from Comodo, now Sectigo, for FREE, which we pass FREE SSL to our hosting clients at no additional charge. The FREE SSL should be enough for most, but, If you have a shopping cart or are contemplating selling items thru a web-based cart, then you need to seriously consider a PAID SSL. Contact DVMARK.COM for more details.

HTTPS,  which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, it’s also referred to as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), allows browser sessions with a website to occur over an encrypted communication channel. The Chrome browser already labels sites without HTTPS as “Not secure”, which leaves it up to you make sure you have a FREE or PAID SSL on your site. There are basically 2 types of SSL: Free and Paid.

FREE SSL is good for most websites that are generic in nature, they may sell something online but you have call them to pay for it because they using a credit card terminal. if you process Credit card transaction over the internet the data link between y our checkout process and your payment gateway provider must be protected by SSL to pass PCI Compliance. tell that they sell a product but you have to call them make the transaction. Free SSL’s do not carry insurance policies that protect against issues related to client personal information during a transaction.

PAID SSL is mandatory for all shopping carts that use a built-in checkout feature to process credit cards. Sites using a Google, Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal with BUY NOW buttons can get by on FREE SSL if the BUYNOW link takes the purchaser to a https or SSL secure gate way to process the transaction. PAID SSL certificates can carry up $1 million dollars and greater in insurance to protect against a data breach. We now offer Sectigo, formerly Comodo, SSL to our clients. If you need PAID (dedicated SSL) please call us at 210-888-9296 or4 contact us via email

Costs: Included with Hosted Accounts Only

Search Engine Optimization

How to Get to Page 1 and Stay There

Getting To Page 1

earch Optimization is no longer just submitting your website to the major search engine providers for indexing, It’s a mix of on and off page modifications from keyword rich content to Google Analytics and more. Google, Bing and other major search engines now require several of these modifications as mandatory to even start to get a page rank. Where it used to be based on keywords only, today, it starts with whether your website passes Google's Mobile Friendly Web. And that's not all. It also requires these modifications for a one-time fee of $195.00:

  •   Keyword Rich Content on All Pages
  •   Unique Page Title Names
  •   Unique Heading & ALT Tags
  •   Google Site Language Translation
  •   Code Modification for Search Engine Indexing
  •   Integrate Existing Social Media Accounts
  •   Goggle and Bing Web Master Tools
  •   Google Analytics

Now more than ever, for you to benefit from a page one ranking and boost traffic to your website it’s imperative that you take advantage of social networking. Please contact us for pricing on account creations, business pages and external links.

The major search engines now use a percentage of your ranking based on how many people are talking positively about you on the social networking accounts. The more you can get people to like your pages the more you stand a chance of getting a page ranking and staying there.

Costs: $195 One-Time Fee

Content Writing

While Your Readers May Not Read Every Word, Search Engines Will!
step 5 branding

While content is required to fill white space on a webpage it will have little effectiveness to the reader if its just fluff. Its OK to make the same general statements found on most web pages about exceptional customers service and lowest prices but the content also needs to be laced with highlighted headings, bullet points and keywords; "rich verbiage in order to be effective as far as Google is concerned". Good content includes:

Keyword Headings

Keyword Rich headings and titles tell Google the importance of the page

Bullet Points

Visitors tend to focus on bullet points, be detailed, specific and brief.

Details & Specifics

Paragraphs need to be readable, web savvy and interesting. Try to educate the reader.

Matched Content

Match the verbiage of your competitors sites but DO NOT plagiarize.

A good starting point for developing content for your Home, Products and Services Pages is 2 to 3 paragraphs and a good mixture of bullet points per page. It is difficult to plagiarize bullet points bullets refer to specifics that each business in the same genre would use. Paragraph text however, must be unique to you.

Customized Social Media Pages

Gain Rank Position With Popularity
social media

Create a custom Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn account, and many others, to promote and enhance awareness of your business. Our designers will design a page that maintains the look and feel of your website or unique to your business offering.

Business Social Networking pages are crucial to the success of your page in relation to Google, Yahoo and Bing page ranking criteria. Boost your page traffic today with a new social networking business page.

Costs: Starting at $50* Per Page

Custom Applications

Custom Application Design for Desktop - Tablets - Smartphones
custom application design

If you need a database driven desktop application for users or sales teams to interact with or a mobile applications that is responsive to the device using it or you just want to protect hidden pages from the general public then Digital Vision's skilled programmers can create the solution you need at an affordable price. The code used to develop applications is unique to the server platform the application will run on; Linux, Windows, IOS and Android.

Our skilled programmers support both platforms and can develop the application you need and expect. We help clients develop custom tailored solutions that are driven by MySQL, SQL Server or MS Access database technology. The result will be a website that rivals your competition and is only hindered by budget.

Costs: Please Call to Discuss

Web & Email Hosting
Free Support Calls and Fast Response

Host your website with us for $15 per month and enjoy web page FREE edits to any existing page. Call 210-888-9296 or contact us

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