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Our SEO package includes a mix of both on-page and off-page optimization techniques that are implemented to make sure your web pages meets the basic criteria set forth by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engine providers.

Digital Vision conducts these modifications for a one-time fee of $195. Our Basic Optimization package meets these requirements by including these on-page and off-page modifications:

On-Page SEO

Google, Bing and Yahoo use on-page modifications to help determine a sites ranking. Other factors for competitive ranking are popularity in social media, analytics tracking and similar content.

  •   Evaluate Competition for Keywords
  •   Unique Per-Page Title and Meta Tags
  •   Unique Keyword Heading Tags - "H1 - H6"
  •   Standard CSS Compliance
  •   Minimize Page Load Times
  •   Social Media "Like Buttons" for Bookmarking
Off-Page SEO

Several vendors such Google and Bing provide webmasters with tools that when tweaked allow for better site detection and ranking based on SEO basic criteria such as the On-Page and Off-Page modifications

  •   Google and Bing Analytics
  •   Google and Bing Web Tools
  •   Create Social Media Accounts
  •   Create Robots.Txt File
  •   Create Sitemap.xml
  •   Modify site for SSL

Why Should You Care
About Search Optimization

Because Google Cares About Your Sites Mobile Friendliness

Our basic one-time fee for SEO provides the modifications necessary to meet the criteria required by Search Providers. We can never promise a page one ranking in every instance of a search for your services but we can you very close.

Your ranking by any provider is based on several factors; how competitive your business industry is; how well your competitors have optimized their website; and how effective they make use of social media marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and others.

Competitors providing the same services as you have some advantages to their page one ranking. These include : years in business, page content and same keywords, phrases and description tags as well as having been online longer than you.

Other factors in their favor are length of time on social networking sites, number of favorable reports from social networking members, use of blogs pages, and number of recorded CTR (Click Thru Rate) and actual page hits captured by Google Analytics and other rank tracking tools.

These criteria allow Search Engine Providers to properly index your site data and provide a suitable placement based on search words and phrases by the majority of internet users searching for companies that provide the same services as you. Over time, these techniques and your page hits get recorded, your site will continue to improve in page ranking.

What's Included
  • One Time Fee
  • On-Page Modifications
  • Off-Page Modifications
  • Enhanced CSS
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • SSL/HTTPS Security @ No Charge

The Power of
Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO is quoted as an add-on to every web design request

All sites are unique when it comes to basic Search Engine Optimization requirements.

Basic SEO ensures that your new website has met the basic criteria, required by search engines, to determine your page ranking based on your competition for the same search phrase per web page.

The basic criteria required to earn a ranking are: On and Off Page modifications, Mobile friendliness, social popularity and competition both local or national.

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  Digital Vision exceeded my web design expectations. It was a professional experience, smooth and fast turnaround. The hosting service transition to Digital Vision was painless. I am sold on being able to have free web updates available when needed! We’re very satisfied with the quality of services rendered and would recommend to any business – large or small

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