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All Digital Vision HTML Web designs use the latest version 5 and are 100% HTML5 and CSS 3 compliant. HTML5 based web designs offer the greatest flexibility than any other design platform. With a mix of html code, cascading style sheets, as well as, JavaScript, PHP, ASP .NET and Flash coding technologies your website can possess limitless capability in today's Internet marketplace.

HTML5 is the cornerstone of the W3C's open web platform; a framework designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer. HTML5 based applications work Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone. Browser-based HTML5 applications are available on all the devices that support the HTML5. Cost of developing an HTML5 app is much lower than creating native apps for each operating system.

Benefits to HTML5

Bootstrap Framework

Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap foundation offers a vastly improved responsive-ready front-end design platform. Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your website and applications with a single code base.

Although it is multi-device friendly, its true benefit is its ability to display your page content the way you and your designer intended on all mobile devices.

Well-Commented Code

HTML4 relied heavily on the use of DIV's and SPAN tags to layout content. This created a waste of design-time by having to hunt down the code requiring modification.

Now, in HTML5 these tags have been enhanced with <NAV>, <FORM>, <ARTICLE> and <FOOTER> sections making it easy for any designer to find the appropriate section to make the required changes.

Cross-Browser Support

With vast improvements in HTML5, the top five browsers are adapting their versions to coincide, making HTML5 a new standard in 21st century web design.

The combination of Bootstrap Foundation and HTML5 coding enhancements, makes application development much easier with the support from browsers and mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS and others.

Multimedia Enhancements

HTML5 eliminates old, bulky syntax with new low-overhead tags such as <VIDEO> and <AUDIO> for embedding by using a minimum amount of code with cross-browser support.

You can also style images, charts and text with animations and other rich content, without any 3rd party scripts, because the features are built into HTML5 compatible browsers.

Interactive Content

HTML5 provides new code enhancements for delivering interactive content that allows the user to find additional data as they hover or click on page elements

The use of animated text and hover effects is easier than ever and helps in grabbing the attention of the page viewer in Calls To Action requests.

100% Device Responsive

With HTML5 and Bootstrap your new website is guaranteed to be 100% device friendly. The days of using your fingers to size page content to make it readable are over.

Now with these new state-of-the-art coding features, HTML5 compliant browsers can take full advantage all the new HTML5 features and CSS3 styling ro render a very dynamic and mobile friendly design.

Why Should You Care
About Our HTML5 Web Designs

Because Google Cares About Your Sites Mobile Friendliness and SSL

On April 21, 2015, Google announced a major change to how websites get ranked, the result is be mobile friendly or fall back. Mobile-Friendly in 2019 means that a website is instantly viewable and legible on any phone or tablet without finger sizing page content. Bottom-line is, if your site is not mobile friendly its not going to get ranked. This is the primary reason to have Digital Vision build your website because HTML5 and Bootstrap = Mobile Friendly.

Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will begin marking All Non-HTTPS sites as ‘Not Secure’. Other browsers, such as Firefox, are onboard a well. HTTPS or SSL encrypts any data exchanged between the the viewers browser and your website providing an enhanced layer of security.

If your not HTTPS or SSL secure you will need to be before your customers get scared-off. Digital Vision is able to provide a FREE SSL Certificate to all of our customers. If you have a site that takes credit cards, especially Shopping Carts, you will need to look into PAID SSL Certificates to protect transactions.

View HTML5 & Bootstrap In Action

What's Included
  • HTML 4/5 & CSS3 Standard Code
  • Customized Bootstrap Theme
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Home & Contact Form w/SPAM block
  • jQuery’s & JavaScript’s Included
  • HTTPS With Free SSL Certificate
  • Google Web Fonts Included
  • 5+ Royalty Free Images Included
  • Contact Forms w/ SPAM Block
  • Addtl. Pages @ $145 Each

The Power of
HTML5 and Bootstrap

These features are included in every website we create

All sites are custom tailored to your desired look and feel and brand identity. HTML allows the designer the widest degree of design latitude available than any other coding language. All web development languages ultimately have to render their final result as HTML to be browser compatible.

With a mix of standard code syntax, cascading style sheets, animations, java scripts, JQuery widgets and Google fonts, your designer can take advantage of every 21st century technology available into your new design.

Consider These Additional
Website Options

These are items are not mandatory they're just the most commonly asked for Add-ons.
  • 5 Banner Images
  • Animated Text & Links
  • Fixed or Random Slides
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom to Theme
  • Incl. 1st 12 images
  • $85 Per 10 Addtl.
  • 3 Columns 3 Per Row
  • Thumbnail & Large
  • Includes Text overlay
  • Unique Page Titles
  • Unique ALT, H1-6 Tags
  • Google & Bing Web Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • FREE SSL Included
  • 3 Unique Designs
  • Pick One Get 3 Revisions
  • EPS,PNG & PDF Formats
  • Add $95-Corp. Identity
  • 72dpi Web & 300dpi Print
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  Robert did an exceptional job working with me to conception to the finish of both my company's logo as well as the website. He gave valuable input as well to not just the look and feel of the site but also the content as well. I recommend Digital Vision Marketing's expertise for anyone that is wanting to launch a superior looking website for their business.

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