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If you have 20 or more items you want to sell online then you need to consider an ecommerce solution from Digital Vision. We have ecommerce solutions that fit any budget. We support both PHP and .NET applications using either MySQL, MS SQL Server or MS Access.

All ecommerce websites use the latest technologies available and many are now 100% HTML5 and CSS3 compliant. With a mix of JavaScript and PHP technologies, your shopping cart can possess limitless capability for visitors to your store. All ecommerce solutions can be tailored to your corporate identity.

Our ecommerce designers will work with you to install and configure the carts functionality including helping you get your payment gateway and shipping gateway configured.

Once complete all that's left is adding your products, details, pricing and their images. For complete solutions we'll even add your data if you need.

Shopping Carts

We use three popular carts; PayPal, is best suited for clients that sell less than 50 items. WOO Commerce, a plugin for WordPress, up to 1000 items. Prestashop for full-featured industry shopping carts with 1000's of products.

Both PayPal and Woo Commerce can be based around multipage websites, where Prestashop is a stand-alone professional style shopping cart. DVMARK provides support, as does Prestashop for cart related issues and upgrades.

Plugins & Modules

Both Woo Commerce and Prestashop come with preconfigured basic functionality. Like WordPress, both carts can be enhanced with the purchase of themes that cater to specific industries and provide enhancements to meet certain requirements.

Developers can browse thru industry specific plugins and modules that have unique features some of these include: Unique shipping modules, Google Ad word modules, site backup functions, SEO enhancement tools, Calendars, Appointment Scheduling and more.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) refers to payment security standards that ensure all sellers safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data during a credit card transaction.

PCI Compliance is mostly related to accepting and charging credit card information thru an online shopping cart, portal or webpage. Your cart must be SSL secure, or, that any link to the purchase process, points to a secure page. Other PCI compliance regulations include: a published Use of Cookies (terms and conditions) shipping and refund policies.


HTTPS, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is also referred to as SSL, Secure Sockets Layer. It allows browser sessions with a website to occur over an encrypted communication channel. There are basically 2 types of SSL: Free and Paid.

PAID SSL is mandatory for all shopping carts that use a built-in checkout feature to process credit cards. Paid SSL certificates can carry up $1 million dollars and greater in insurance to protect against a data breach.

Gateway Security

All Digital Vision carts use the PayPal gateway for processing credit cards. When the purchaser selects checkout, which may have several steps, the final screen will be redirected to the PayPal secure web portal to process the credit card data.

Both Woo Commerce and Prestashop support numerous gateway vendors to choose from. The PCI industry has very strict regulations over how personal credit information is protected so please perform due diligence before taking a chance on BITCOIN or other cybercoin methods.

100% Responsive

With HTML5 and Bootstrap your new website is guaranteed to be 100% device friendly. The days of using your fingers to size page content to make it readable are over.

Now with these new state-of-the-art coding features, HTML5 compliant browsers can take full advantage all the new HTML5 features and CSS3 styling ro render a very dynamic and mobile friendly design.

Why Should You Care
About Our Ecommerce Web Designs

Because Google Cares About Your Sites Mobile Friendliness and SSL

On April 21, 2015, Google announced a major change to how websites get ranked, the result is be mobile friendly or fall back. Mobile-Friendly in 2019 means that a website is instantly viewable and legible on any phone or tablet without finger sizing page content. Bottom-line is, if your site is not mobile friendly its not going to get ranked.

Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will begin marking All Non-HTTPS sites as ‘Not Secure’. Other browsers, such as Firefox, are onboard a well. HTTPS or SSL encrypts any data exchanged between the the viewers browser and your website providing an enhanced layer of security.

If your not HTTPS or SSL secure you will need to be before your customers get scared-off, not to mention the fact that compliance is mandatory. Digital Vision is able to provide a FREE SSL certificate to all of our customers.

If you have a site that takes credit cards, especially Shopping Carts, you will need to look into PAID SSL Certificates to protect transactions.

Ecommerce In Action

Shopping Cart Pricing

Pricing is Based on Choosing a Cart That's Right for You

Your decision to sell items through an online shopping cart is a big decision. Carts require numerous steps to be researched such as; what items you'll sell, gathering their images, product codes, sku's, weight, and shipping information, credit card processing, refund policy, shipping policy, privacy policy, cookie law policy are all required, and the list goes on.

You will spend a lot of time and money on your cart but if you conduct due diligence and find the right designer, your chances of success are good.

The payoff is that a shopping cart is always in business, it's open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With backend administration, processes such as order tracking and inventory, packaging and handling returns, help make your cart well worth the effort.

Because of the unique nature of which cart you pick, the number of items, and whether you want the designer to do the whole thing or provide a skinned shell, and you will do the rest makes set pricing impossible. Please contact us to get started.

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Digital Vision's has over 23 years of web design experience, hosting and search engine optimization. If you are not sure what design works best for you, read our "9 Steps to a better Website" to learn what you need to know and what due diligence you need to perform.

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  Still working with him on website. He is very helpful and has good insight into what an attractive website should look like. Have now finished website and blog. Very please with look of Website and content. Robert was particularly helpful in making sure the content and look of the website was appropriate to assure maximum outreach. Would hire him again.

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