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Statistics 2013

  • 74% of data breaches were initiated by external attacks.
  • 64% of data breaches are a combination of events. Hacking, malware, SQL injection and other attacks may all come into play in a single data breach.
  • Web 2.0 sites are the primary target for hackers. 19% of all attacks target these sites.
  • Website defacement takes place in 28% of web attacks.
  • Loss of sensitive data takes place in 26% of web attacks.
  • Changes to website content takes place in 19% of web attacks.
  • Many attacks happen without password detection

As a valued customer of Digital Vision – DVMARK.COM we want to thank our hundreds of customers that have relied on us to provide web design, hosting and email services. We take pride in developing sites that offer industry standard compliance and in providing robust and secure hosting and email services.

Since 2005, Digital Vision has been a reseller for one of the largest hosting providers in the United States. As such, we are able to provide many advantages to our clients.  One of the most popular advantages of hosting with us is that we offer FREE web edits to existing pages. For security reasons we update FTP login details on all customer sites frequently to protect against cyber-attacks. But as the statistics show attacks are on the rise and just changing passwords isn't enough.

hackersSince 2011 there has been a dramatic increase in cyber crime and hacking and as such, five client sites have been hacked. We were made aware of these hacks as customers notify us that their website was not up or was not functioning properly. We immediately took steps to prevent further attacks by detecting and removing the hack and reinstating the original site back to its normal function and changing passwords.

In 2013 one of our clients, whose site is using database driven technology, was hacked by a Chinese company that placed a file on their server. While the client site appeared to function normally, the hackers were using the ranking of the client site to push their own products to foreign countries.

The client realized the attack because as they accessed the site each day it was functioning slower and slower as time progressed.

sitelockWorking closely with our hosting partner we negotiated a deal with SITELOCK to provide the cyber security this client needed to protect their data and their clients. Today, this client is secure and happily conducting online business with their clients.

In 2013 our own site was hacked. The hack was detected while conducting a Google search for the keywords "San Antonio Web Designers". The results in Google revealed that our pages were being redirected to sites around the world that sell wedding dresses.

Really! What kind of hacker hacks a site to sell wedding dresses? Nevertheless, it happened. All of this was put in motion by placing a single file on our website that redirected all other pages. Again, working with our hosting partner we detected the file, removed it and the site was back to normal within days.

Just recently, October 20th of this year another client site was hacked. The hack redirected traffic to site in Mexico. We were notified by the client and the hack was detected within minutes and was restored within one hour of notification, To protect against further hacks this client has purchased the secure site package to prevent any further attacks.


Whether your site is just for general information or you are selling products or services online, hackers want to hack sites, if for no other reason than to prove they can do it, or in our case, to sell wedding dresses, but others are much more sinister in their approach. Just maintaining secure and strong passwords is not enough. There are other methods available to hackers that can gain them access to your files.

Because hacking attacks are on the rise we have implemented site secure security on our own website to protect sensitive data and to protect our clients that access and read the information we provide from being detected by the hack. We want to offer you a chance to provide this same protection to your clients at a substantially reduced price. 


secure badgeMost of our clients have general FYI style sites that do not use database driven technology and as such, are less vulnerable to attack than are database driven sites, such as WordPress. Even if your site were hacked DVMARK.COM keeps up-to-date files that if needed can be used to rebuild your site to normal function within minutes.

No hacked client to-date has experienced site loss once detected. With SITELOCK you will know that your site is secure when  you see this symbol on your web page everyday.

Most hacks are removed by detecting the hack and fixing it and then changing the password. However, many of you probably don’t frequently visit your site which means you are unaware that it is not functioning properly.


Please review your site pages frequently because some attacks or hacks are visible. Common signs to look for are:

  • Look for visible signs of text that looks out of place or is clearly not your content
  • Look in the areas above your logo or below your footer area
  • Verify email destinations have not been edited
  • Does your site appear to be running slower than normal
  • Using Google or Bing conduct a search for your site and see if it redirects to another site
  • Anything that is out of place

DVMARK performs these routine functions on all of our client sites on a frequent basis:

  • Change FTP password using secure method consisting of special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers.
  • Backup client sites to local server for data integrity. We can restore any site within minutes
  • Search sites frequently for outdated vulnerable scripts, javascripts and 3rd party add-ons and update them


In most instances, your site can be hacked and no one will know it but the hacker. If you have frequent customers that visit your site to access information you are providing, they too become vulnerable to the attacker. SITELOCK will prevent this from happening. The decision is yours. Digital Vision has negotiated special pricing to provide Secure Site at a great price. This is a decision you make not because you have been hacked but because you want to prevent from being hacked and you need to protect your clients.

When and if you are ready to have this kind of website security please call me to discuss your amazingly low price and get peace of mind. If you are a Digital Vision client but your site is hosted by another provider we can still offer the protection plan you feel you might need.


Robert L. Schonhoff
Digital vision Marketing



Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring yes we have it
Spam Blacklist Monitoring yes we have it
Vulnerability Detection yes we have it 
Provides 24/7 support yes we have it
Malware Detection yes we have it
Bad Bot Prevention yes we have it
Malware Removal yes we have it
File Change Monitoring yes we have it
Back Door Protection yes we have it

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