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A blog (a blend of the words web and log) is a type of website that allows an author / writer to communicate their message to users who would find it important. Blogs allow followers to comment and exchange ideas, opinions or comments amongst each other regarding the topics on the blog.

Today, blogs have morphed into being full-fledged websites as well as a blog. The most popular Blog application is WordPress. WordPress uses a template-based application processor built around PHP code and driven by a MySQL Database.

Choosing one of 1000’s of pre-configured themes, our skilled WordPress designers can enhance the theme by manipulating the CSS, adding enhanced PHP or HTML code for more functionality, or, choose plug-ins and widget from a vast library of enhancements.

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WordPress, Fast & Easy User-Managed Websites
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responsive wordpress design

Responsive Design

100% smart-device friendly coding allows web pages to re-orientate to the screen size of the device being used. 

many themes to choose from

1000's of Themes

Choose from thousands of WordPress compatible themes and let our designers custom tailor it for you

cross browser support

Cross Browser Support

All designs built to support all major browsers. Newer HTML 4 and 5 requires any browser to be up-to-date.

Make Your WordPress Website Work For You
When Choosing a Designer Consider These Requirements

wordpress design

Why Are Standards Important

WordPress is a SQL database driven platform designed to take the guesswork out of knowing how to write web pages using HTML code. WordPress was designed to let users manage their own content using a back-end administration tool and visual editor thereby eliminating the need to pay for a web designer.

 An easy-to-use back-end tool allows users to create new pages, blog articles and menu navigation. Creating articles in Microsoft Word users can simply cut and paste them into a visual editor and save the page. While making the writing or articles easy for the average user there is still a learning curve in order to achieve a truly professional designed website.

When installing the WordPress core application a very simply theme is supplied for basic pages and articled submission. To enhance the website site users can browse thru 1000's of industry specific themes that are available online. These themes offer the core of a professional design but still require a degree of learning. We have found the the average company wants the WordPress engine installed and theme designed by a professional designer and then left to their own time to develop articles.

how to write good content

Writing Good Content

If you've ever taken the time to read some of the content on a website you're interested in you may have noticed content is laced with misspellings, poor grammar or just plain fluff. There is a big difference between page-filler versus "keyword" rich content that actually addresses the concerns of the reader.

The power of a blog resides in the ability of the posted articles to reach a large number of users online that are browsing for topics of interest to them that the articles speak to. Google places a large amount of page ranking to the popularity of blogs. The more read your articles are the better your site will rank on the major search engines.

Digital Vision's skilled writers can create industry or topic related articles that will excite readers for their content. The goal of any blog is get readers to keep coming back for more.

we have lots of plugins for wordpress

WordPress Plug-Ins

Regardless of the theme you choose to build on there are 100's of quality scripts called plugins that add enhanced usability, design capability and SEO enhancement tools to increase the changes of your blogs success. Users can browser the internet for numerous plug-ins many of which are free to use and offer visible improvement to any WordPress blog site.  Just a few of the plug-ins available are:

  • Custom Forms w/ Spam Block
  • Image Sliders & Banners
  • Basic SEO Tools
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Embedded Videos
  • Rotational Testimonials
  • Image Gallery's
  • Enhanced Tables

we offer search engine optimization

Search Optimization

Just having a website is no guaranty for online success. Once your website is ready to go public the public will only find it if its been properly Search Optimized. SEO is a must-have requirement in order for your website to to reach its true potential.

The majority of the processes involved with SEO are typically conducted after the website is completed and ready to go live. Some of the processes in search optimizing a website include enhancements to page code and the addition of Meta Tag and scripts that, while not visible, play an important role in the ranking of your website by the Search Engine providers.

All new web designs by Digital Vision includes these necessary enhancements. These enhancements help with some of requirements of search optimizing a website.

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  • WordPress Core Installation
  • SQL Database Setup & Configuration
  • CSS Responsive Design
  • Home, About, Blog + One
  • Contact Form w/Spam Blocker
  • 5 Royalty Free Images
  • Custom Theme Design
  • CSS Rollover Menus
  • 100% Responsive Design

    Sizes to fit any device screen layout. Works on ALL smart devices including I-pad
  • Custom & Flexible Styled Theme

    Unique eye-catching theme using your corporate logo, established fonts and colors
  •  User Managed Web Page Editing

    WordPress is Content Management System. In other words, you manage your own content. But Don't worry we can help if you want.
  • Site Enhancing Plug-Ins

    Browse online thru hundreds of quality plugins that dramatically improve your sites success

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