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Web design, web browsing and web searching technologies have changed dramatically over the last 16 years. If your were one of the first to get online and you have not upgraded your site, you are losing the potential to harvest a vast new world of potential clients that arte searching for the products and services you carry only they are finding and buying from your competitors.

A website built between 1998 and 2009 won’t be as innovative, esthetic, robust and competitive as one built using 2014 technology. Search ranking in 1998 was something you could pay for, today your rank in search engines it’s primarily earned thru site design and social networking popularity and sharing. If your website was designed between 1998 and 2009 it just wont be able to compete with today's modern responsive technology and CSS.

Perception is 9/10ths of the law. If you look old you will be perceived as old and ill-equipped to handle your client’s expectations. With millions of potential new customers online 24 hours a day searching for and buying new products you'd better consider upgrading if you want to compete anbd grab some of that business.


Why Upgrade Your Website?
With the advent of smart mobile devices it's imperative that your website be built to handle this new search medium

responsive design

Responsive Theme

100% smart-device friendly coding allows web pages to re-orientate to the screen size of the device being used. 

custom web themes

Well Commented Code

100% industry standard code and commenting makes it easy to transition between designers.

cross browser support

Cross Browser Support

All designs built to support all major browsers. Newer HTML 4 and 5 requires any browser to be up-to-date.

web upgrades

10 Reasons to Upgrade

  • More Real Estate

    Additional 2.5" in Design Widths Improves Content Retention
  • New Coding Standards

    New Standards in HTML and CSS Improves Functionality
  • DIV's Instead of Tables

    Using DIV's Along with CSS Speeds Load Times
  • Social Media

    People Talking About You On Social Sites Increases Your Site Ranking
  • Fresh Content

    New Content Tells Search Engines There's Somehting New to Index
  • Keywords & Phrases

    Keywords in Verbiage, Title and H1 Tags Makes You Easier to Find
  • Improved CSS

    New CSS Codes Adds Visual Enhancements Improving Retention
  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Code Allows Devices to Resize Your Website Correctly
  • Modern Designs

    Improved Design Technology Allows You To Maintain a Competitive Edge
  • Search Optimization

    On-Page & Off-Page Enhancements Can Move Your Site.
Join Your Competition and Start Making Money Online There are 1000's of people online right now buying from your competition. Let's get started Web Design Checklist

Website Upgrades Starting at $295
We will use your existing or you can supply new content we do the rest. Price includes 3 pages


  • 100% Industry Standard HTML 5
  • CSS 2/3 Responsive Design
  • 3 Pages Home + One Page
  • Contact Form w/Spam Blocker
  • 5 Royalty Free Images
  • Custom Theme Design
  • $100 Each Additional Page
  • CSS Rollover Menus
  • 100% Responsive Design

    Sizes to fit any device screen layout. Works on ALL smart devices including I-pad
  • Custom & Flexible Styled Theme

    Unique eye-catching theme using your corporate logo, established fonts and colors
  •  Designer & Hosting Friendly

    Standard coding allows for easy designer and hosting platform transition
  • Contact Form with Spam Block

    No more spam. Contact forms have built-in captcha technology to block automated spam

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