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Phase One in SEO is a mix of both on-page and off-page optimization techniques that are implemented to make sure your web pages meets the basic criteria set forth by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engine providers. Digital Vision conducts these modifications for a one-time fee of $295.  Phase One optimization includes these on-page and off-page modifications and creations:


On-Page Modifications

  • Consultation to evaluate competition
  • Competitor Research to determine Keyword and Key Phrase usage
  • Title tag and Meta tag optimization.
  • HTML code clean up and proper use of "H1 thru H6" Tags and Image "ALT" Tags
  • Creation or modification of CSS to ensure better site performance and indexing
  • Image optimization & other techniques to decrease page load times
  • Adding Social Media "Like Buttons" To certain pages

Off-Page Account Creations

  • Google Analytics Account
  • Google and Bing Web Master Tools Account
  • Create Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter Accounts
  • Create Google and Bing Yellow Page Listing
  • Create Alexa Account
  • Create Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt files
  • Submit domain name and sitemaps to Google, Bing, DMOZ and Alexa


While our goal is to provide the modifications necessary in meeting the criteria required by Search Providers, we can never promise a page one ranking in every instance of a search for your services. Your ultimate ranking by any provider is based on the how competitive your business focus is, how well your competitors have optimized their website and how effective they make use of social media marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and others. 

Other companies providing the same services as you have some advantages to their page one ranking. These include: years in business, page content and utilization of the same keywords, phrases and description tags. Other factors in their favor are length of time on social networking sites, number of favorable reports from social networking members, use of blogs pages, and number of recorded CTR and actual page hits captured by Google analytics and similar methods of rank tracking used by other search provider’s.

The following Phase One improvements and enhancements ensure that your pages meet the baseline requirements expected from Google, Yahoo and Bing. These requirements allow Search Engine Providers to properly index your site data and provide a suitable placement based on search words and phrases by the majority of internet users searching for companies that provide the same services as you. Overtime, as your social networking, CTR and page hits get recorded, your site will continue to improve in page ranking.

Basic Search Optimization For Only $195
For your website to compete you must have the basics


  • One Time Fee
  • Unique Heading Tags
  • Unique Page Titles
  • Key Word Optimized
  • Social Networking Accounts
  • Search Engine Account
  • Domain Name Submission
  • Unique Meta Tags
  • Domain Name Submission

    Your site will be submitted for indexing on Search Engines Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Up-to-Date J-Query's and Javascript

    Newest code protects sites from malware and hacking vulnerabilities.
  •  Unique H1 Tags

    Keyword rich headings help search engines determine content value and ranking
  • Social Networking

    Includes the creation of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts that can increase ranking due to popularity

What's Included

Meta Tag Creation

Add required Meta Tags to all pages yes we have it
Create unique Title tags for each page yes we have it
Create unique Description for each page yes we have it 
Create Keyword rich List for use in Meta Tag Data yes we have it

Page Enhancements

Added “key Word” Rich Content To Necessary Pages yes we have it
Create H1, H2, H3 & H4 Heading Tags on all pages yes we have it
Enhance Existing Graphical Content and Layout yes we have it 
Added Unique ALT & Title Tags to All Images yes we have it

CSS Enhancements

Create global CSS with Standards Compliance yes we have it
Enhanced CSS Rollover Navigation yes we have it
Improve Page Layout & Design Using CSS Standards yes we have it 

Domain Name & Website Enhancements

Create Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt Files for Crawler Indexing yes we have it
Submit Domain Name to DMOZ ? yes we have it
Submit Domain Name to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask yes we have it
Submit Domain Name to Alexa ?  - yes we have it
Create Google Analytics Account - yes we have it
Create Google Web Tools Account - yes we have it
Create Bing Web Tools Account - yes we have it

Social Networking

Create Facebook Account and add link on web pages - yes we have it
Create LinkedIn Account and add line to web pages - yes we have it
Create Twitter Account and add link to web pages - yes we have it 
Create Google +1 Account - yes we have it
Create Blog Pages (Ask About Blog Access) no
Create Social Networking Like & Share Buttons yes we have it

Business Directory Listings

Create Google Places Account - yes we have it
Create Bing Business Places - yes we have it 
Create Merchant Circle Account - yes we have it
Create Manta Account - yes we have it

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