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If your business falls in to the category of business's that have collateral trade journals, advertising in these publications can dramatically increase your company's exposure. If your business is local in nature then advertising in your local newspaper, coupon booklets and so on is an economical approach to getting the word out.

Depending on you budget these mediums will range in all sizes and colors. Digital Vision's graphics' designers can help you design an ad that will meet you budget and size requirements at an affordable price.

We will also work directly with your publisher to make sure your ad is designed to their specifications and when completed will be directly uploaded to their servers following your approval. Whether designed for color, 4 color or black/White, each design is priced according to ad size and content.

Each design will created in high-resolution 300dpi format unless specified otherwise by your publisher. Once, approved your publisher will receive a high-quality PDF document for printing. Please call for pricing.

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Designs For Internet Advertising
You supply the verbiage we do the rest. Google, Facebook or Twitter

Advertising on Web Pages is very beneficial and profitable for companies that sell products and services and want to draw attention to special pricing to get the reader to click the ad to find out more about the offer. These ads act as a "Call to Action" for the reader. Google and Bing ads are typically uniquely placed on their browsers based on what the user is searching for.

  •   Google Ad-Words

    Get one size ad banner for $125. Get identical design in all sizes $224 or get a complete set each with a unique design for $425. Each ad is ready to place.

  •   Custom Ad Sizes

    We we do ads for Facebook and Twitter. Tells the size and the purpose and our design team will create an eye-catching design that will grab the readers attention. Some sites sell space on their web pages and have varying sizes to choose from. Tell us the ad size, who your target audience is, what the "CALL TO ACTION" is and we do the rest.

Designs For Magazine Advertising
You supply the verbiage we do the rest. Our designers can make it fit any size from billboards to mouse pads

print ad sizes

Print advertising a great way to reach customers that are looking for products and services especially in niche magazines that cater to a specialized categories. If you sell automotive products then advertising in automotive specific magazines is a great place e to start.

Don’t set high expectations from the first ad. An effective ad campaign comes from repeated attempts at getting subscribers to notice your offerings.

  •   Magazine

    Typically designed in full color, magazine ads start at $195 for half-page or less and $345 for full page. Tell us the ad size, who your target audience is, what the "CALL TO ACTION" is and we do the rest.

  •   News Paper

    Typically designed in black and white newsprint ads vary by page size. Tell us the ad size, who your target audience is, what the "CALL TO ACTION" is and we do the rest.

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