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Using Your Browser  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 07/20/2010

A webmail client allows you to access your mail from anywhere, requiring only an internet browser. Examples of webmail clients are: Roundcube, Horde, AtMail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

An email client typically provides more options for mail management than a webmail client, may interface with other scheduling  programs, and has an ability to work offline. Some examples of email clients are: Outlook and Mac Mail. 

To check your mail over the Web:

1. Go to you will see the following screen


2. Log in: Enter your full email address - example: (where xxx is domain suffix) Enter the mailbox password

If you have multiple accounts you need to use the specific email address that you're checking (or the mailbox name) along with its password to access webmail.

For password resets please call support at 210.888.9296